Want insight into your child’s mental well-being whilst still respecting their right to privacy? Sophie can help.

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Sophie automatically tracks keystrokes

In the same way a Fitbit tracks physical movement and provides insight into your physical health, Sophie analyses language and behavioural cues and gives insight into your child’s mental well-being.

Sophie analyses the language and tone

Every time your child uses their keyboard, no matter what app or social platform they are on, Sophie analyses the language and tone your child uses and compares patterns of behaviours that help create a world of insight that may ordinarily be hidden.

Sophie learns

As your child uses their phone, Sophie learns — until a baseline of activity is recorded and a unique pattern is modelled.

Variations over time against this provide insight into your child that can help protect them from bullying, sexting, mental health issues and predatory behaviour.

Sophie provides what you need

Timely and informative, Sophie provides what you need so you can do what you do best — parent.

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